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Daily Wrap: CBRC Head on Curbing Systemic Risks, PingAn Listing Four Units
Posted on Thursday January 18, 2018

CBRC chairman Guo Shuqing warned of “black swan” and “black rhino” events that could jeopardize the country’s financial stability, in an interview with state media People’s Daily. He said risks in the financial system are manageable, but also complex and serious. These risks include shadow banking, non-performing loans, and insufficient internal control. The CBRC head also lashed out against large financial conglomerates with complex ownership structures and illegal transactions. They will be severely punished, Guo added. Markets continued its uptrend today, SHCOMP increased 0.87% to 3,474.75, SICOM rose 0.14% to 11,319.91, and CSI 300 climbed 0.55% at 4,271.42. Hang Seng Index also went up 0.46% today to 32,129.520.

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CSRC Revises Negative List for Underwriting of Non-public Offered Bonds
Posted on Thursday January 18, 2018

CSRC has revised the negative list for underwriting corporate bond in private placements and sent out to securities brokerages, said 21 Century Business Herald on January 17. CSRC amended four existing items and added four new items. Most prominently, companies that have forged their books or commit other violations will be banned from bond issuance for 24 months, as opposed to 12 months in the previous version. Firms punished by self-regulatory bodies within the past six months due to bond violations will also be put into the negative list. The securities watchdog also urges financial intermediaries to help channel funds into real economy, by working on more bond projects in sectors that are encouraged by the state.

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Coolpad to Expand HQ in US
Posted on Thursday January 18, 2018

Shenzhen-based Coolpad will receive USD300m from Power Sun Ventures in coming years, according to Sohu citing the firms’ CEO Jiang Chao on January 16. Jiang revealed that the money will be primarily used for Coolpad's plan to headquarter in the US within the next two years. In addition, the company will inject USD100m into its AI R&D as its attempts to change from a mobile producer to an AI-focused technology company.

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Changyu Wine Acquires 80% of Australian Winery Company Stake
Posted on Thursday January 18, 2018

Changyu Pioneer Wine [000869:CH] acquired an 80% stake in the Australia-based Kilikanoon Estate Pty Ltd for RMB100m in cash, according to Chinanews on January 17. This winery located in Australia's leading high-end wine region Clare Valley, which was established in 1997. Changyu intends to enter the high-end wine market through this acquisition.

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